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                                                         Hello and Welcome

My name is Laura Lynn and I am a natural born psychic intuitive and tarot card reader. I have been offering online readings and sharing my gift with others since 2009.

GOD always gives us the right to free will and by way of this right we can have complete control over our destiny based on the personal choices and decisions we make. 

Through my psychic impressions, the wisdom of the tarot and the Guidance of Spirit I can give you psychic snapshots of your personal relationships, financial situations, life opportunities and over all building blocks that will help you gain insight and clarification into your life and those who are closest to you.

Here at PSYCHIC READING NOW we believe everyone can reach their Divine potential. All you need is some knowledgeable information and a willingness to make new and better choices.

A Divine Soul reading is the perfect way to find out what your gifts are and why you are having trouble reaching your full potential. We will tap into your personal inner energy to see what may still be effecting you in this lifetime.  The information given will help you to reshape your life, to reach your full potential and to align with your Divinity.

Spirit Guide Coaching is one of the most efficient ways to continue to make choices for your best and most powerful alignment with your Divine potential.  

We also provide Life Situation Readings, Divine Relationship Readings, Financial Readings, Spiritual Counseling and Life Coaching Readings.

Always honest and non judgmental, I will quickly clarify confusion, uncover hidden obstacles and help to formulate new strategies to attain your highest goals... be it love, career, finance or just a little 'heads up' on what's really going on.

                           * Free Minutes with Sign-up * 99% ACCURACY ~ 100% HONESTY * 
                                      * Fast & Accurate Answers * TIMEFRAMES GIVEN

Honesty is my Policy...

I am here to make a difference.... SHED LIGHT where there is DARKNESS, GIVE HOPE where it may seem HOPELESS and advise you to MOVE ON or HOLD ON!

I am able to channel in and feel the energy around you and along with my spirit guides I sense and feel the situation that matters to you and guide you on your right path and spiritual journey.

Here at PSYCHIC READING NOW we believe in the POWER of GOD, SPIRITUALITY and FREE WILL... it is an individual choice to CHANGE our DIRECTION in life and therefore CHANGE our DESTINY...Nothing is 'Set In Stone' and the 'Energy' of situations, relationships and opportunities shift all the time... so do not get discouraged or give up hope because all things are made possible thru your FAITH and GOD.


A good psychic reading should "touch a nerve" and leave you wondering how the Psychic Advisor could possibly know all that information. After your reading you should experience a feeling of calmness and also feel more POSITIVE and UPLIFTED. A good reading also helps you to regain control over your life and should leave you feeling more CONFIDENT and EMPOWERED about creating the kind of life you have envisioned for yourself and your loved ones.

My experience includes, but is not limited to working with the top online psychic network sites such as Psychic Source, Powerful Psychic Network and Kasamba. My online tarot card readings are offered through phone & live chat and my Click4Advisor ID #67177 can be reached toll free @ 1-888-626-7386 for existing customers of

NEW clients will automatically receive 5 free minutes with registration and all my clients will receive
                                5  FREE minutes with every 20 minute reading they have! 

Register now by clicking on the red
link below to receive your FREE MINUTES and begin your 
                                                 "PSYCHIC READING NOW"

Client Testimonials:

Thank you Laura Lynn. It's always a pleasure speaking with you!! You always help me so much and still continue to do so. I feel like time always goes so fast when we are chatting. You have been nothing but good to me. I appreciate all your help. I even see myself growing and maturing into a better person. Thank you!   

This wonderful lady is blessed and a blessing! She is so in tuned with every aspect of my situation and honestly but lovingly delivers the truth, which I truly appreciate! She is truly my very trusted advisor and I will continue to seek out her wise counsel! Peace and Blessings!   

Oh how thankful I am for the gift of this advisor!!!! I know she is always tuned in to my state of mind. When u are in need of someone to listen, she's there. When u need some help getting to the root of things, she's there. Her unwavering support and yes, the guidance when I'm just fooling myself and unwilling to face things, is beautiful to me. I encourage everyone to call her. You will be amazed by her accuracy and gifts of the heart, mind, and spirit!   

                   If I am Not Available...Please use the 'CALLBACK/CHATBACK  BUTTON'  

DISCLAIMER: My services do not constitute legal, medical or financial advice. By receiving a reading from me you understand all terms and conditions and that outcomes can change due to free will and influences beyond my control .


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